FinTech Companies

You have spent countless hours creating your vision, strategy and roadmap – and securing the funding you need to take your venture to the next level. Your business strategy impacts risk exposure and thereby complexity of compliance frameworks that must be developed, implemented and managed in order to meet relevant bank and regulatory requirements.

With a portfolio of clients that have demoed at Finovate, taken the stage at Launchpad 360 at Money2020, graduated from prominent seed accelerators, incubators, or funds, and raised institutional funding, Stratis Advisory provides the market insight, risk strategy, governance, and operational compliance expertise you need to reduce risks and compliance costs.

Whether your company is early stage or nearing transactional readiness, we can help you achieve the program readiness and ongoing risk strategy you need to succeed. We provide a trusted risk advisor relationship that connects the startup and the bank, and can materially improve the chances of success through proper use, maintenance and retention of the transactional account permitting the startup to conduct user transactions.

Our tempCCO solution delivers on-demand risk, strategy and compliance expertise to FinTech startups, their board of directions, investors and banking partners.

Want to learn more?  Read our white paper on Risk and Compliance Insights for FinTech Startups, Banks and Investors.

Stratis Advisory can help you:

  • Right-size the scope of risk management and compliance to win and maintain strong banking relationships
  • On-demand access to expertise on a subscription schedule through our tempCCO program specifically designed for startup financing and fundraising reality
  • Timely advise on regulatory requirements to guide business growth and product development during the critical early stages
  • Overcome bank due diligence concerns on operational compliance with retained expertise
  • Support the pivot and satisfy the bank on any impact to account agreements
  • In-depth expertise to ensure your product addresses operational needs of your customers in meeting applicable regulatory requirements
  • Expand into new markets and domains or address different products and services
  • Serve as a trusted advisor with banking partners and investors on managing banking relationships
  • Offset full time corporate-salary hires (salary, benefits, equity, etc.)
  • Scale operations and ensure ongoing risk mitigation and management
  • Risk governance at the board level to oversee growth and marketshare
  • Bridge the gap between Tech and Fin communications

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Engagement Profiles:

Custom AML Workshop for a FinTech Startup

Situation and Background: A growing VC-backed financial technology startup needed market expertise to guide product development, sales and partnership strategy in the financial services sector.

Key Issues:

  • Firm sought strategic advice to grow its existing product set into a much broader offering of AML compliance solutions for financial institutions.
  • Firm needed to build a common knowledge base of AML regulatory requirements for a cross-functional group of employees (technology, product development, sales, marketing, customer service).


  • Designed and lead a two-day on-site interactive workshop for a group of executives and senior staff.
  • Summarized content covered in the workshop and key take-aways from associated discussions in a written report to assist firm in its strategic and tactical decision-making.

AML Expertise for an Anti-Fraud Solution Provider

Situation and Background: A large anti-fraud technology solution provider needed expert advice to inform product development and market acquisition strategy for a new AML service offering.

Key Issues:

  • Firm needed in-depth expertise to ensure product addressed operational needs of its customers in meeting applicable AML regulatory requirements.
  • Firm sought advice on use cases and recurrent pain points in compliance operations for financial service and FinTech companies.


  • Collaborated with business and technology teams to improve customer experience and strengthen the company’s overall value proposition in the market.
  • Provided on-going advice as the client integrated its product based on customer feedback and market developments.