Stratis on the New Wave of FinTech at 3rd Annual ACAMS NorCal Emerging Payments & Technologies Conference

On August 10, 2016, Maria Potapov, CFA from Stratis participated in a panel discussion on The New Wave of FinTech as part of the 3rd Annual ACAMS Northern California Chapters’ Emerging Payments & Technologies conference at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. The event included speakers from Stripe, AirBnB, Sipree, Paypal, Flywire, and more. Among the topics covered were how to managed risks in the FinTech ecosystems, both from the perspective of startup companies growing and scaling their business in a complex and evolving regulatory environment, as well as from the perspective of financial institutions who may be considering building or growing their portfolio of fintech company clients.
Moreover, she walked through risk governance considerations and the role of the board of directors in guiding startups through early-stage pivots, developing of their key banking relationships, expansion into new regulatory jurisdictions and risk-informed valuations for liquidity events. The session closed with key takeawayas the whereas not every fintech company may be a money services business or a money transmitter, all fintech companies have risk at the core of their strategy which requires right-sized and consistent risk management to ensure long-term viability and business success.