Stratis FinTech Article Receives 2017 Apex Award for Financial & Investment Writing

Stratis partners Brian Stoeckert and Maria Potapov are recipients of the 2017 Apex Award for Financial & Investment Writing. The authors received the Award of Excellence for “Future-Proof Your Bank: How to Manage Risk as FinTech Innovates Financial Services,” which appeared in the November-December 2016 edition of ABA Bank Compliance.

APEX Awards are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence. APEX Grand Awards honor the outstanding works in each main category, while APEX Awards of Excellence recognize exceptional entries in each of the individual categories.

The 2016 article covered how a new wave of companies steeped in FinTech is disrupting traditional ways to lend, pay, transfer, fund, save, and share. Furthermore, financial institutions need to accelerate their understanding of the FinTech ecosystem to keep pace with the innovation from a products and services consumer perspective, but also to invest in providing account services to FinTech startups to maintain insight into a market that directly impacts them. Finally, we demonstrate how FinTech companies should be considered a separate and distinct classification in a financial institutions portfolio as FinTech Businesses also known as FTBs.