On-Demand Services

Stratis Advisory serves as an objective resource in the FinTech ecosystem, connecting the dots between companies, investors and banks by integrating deep regulatory risk domain expertise into the broad context of business strategy, risk management and compliance operations that are right sized for the growth stage and business scale.

For a bank seeking to expand into new areas for revenue growth, brand recognition, or exploring a new client base; for a startup leveraging partners and relationships to execute a compliant platform; and for investors trying to understand whether a team can secure a banking relationship and avoid risk and compliance pitfalls, the our on-demand services provide actionable risk, strategy and compliance intelligence and support.

Want to learn more?  Read our white paper on Risk and Compliance Insights for FinTech Startups, Banks and Investors.

Stratis Advisory can help you with on-demand services:

  • TempCCO: Market-leading on-demand solution that delivers expert risk, strategy, and compliance support to FinTech startups, their boards of directors, investors and banking partners
  • Due Diligence: Boots on the ground due diligence that provides actionable risk and compliance intelligence
  • FinTech Expertise: On-demand FinTech risk, strategy, and compliance expertise on the FinTech ecosystem
  • Support & Program Monitoring: Cost-effective access to the ongoing assessment and expert analysis of risk and compliance operations
  • Training: A full-suite of ACAMS-accredited training programs delivered by CAMS-certified instructors for the engineer to the analyst to the board
  • Investigative Services: Alert backlog, look-back review, special investigations requiring more thorough review, or suspicious activity reporting processes

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Engagement Profiles:

TempCCO AML/BSA Expertise for Bitcoin Hardware Supplier

Situation and Background: Prominent incubator graduate Bitcoin startup engaged in developing and distributing hardware globally with downstream implications as money transmission.

Key Issues:

  • Firm sought on-going AML/BSA compliance expertise support to guide existing business model and operations.
  • Firm needed to understand the AML/BSA compliance requirements and where risk may exist in certain process workflows.
  • Firm sought methods to enhance efficiency of compliance requirements to assist clients in operating firm hardware.


  • Provide on-going AML/BSA compliance strategy expertise to guide existing business model and operations.
  • Review pre-configured hardware, platform, and agreements for AML/BSA compliance.
  • Digest proposed enhancements to business model or global strategy to understand AML/BSA implications.
  • Analyze operating model for implications of money transmission.