Venture Capital Firms

As market opportunities for FinTech and Digital Currency companies continue to grow, investors are looking to harness efficiencies for regulatory compliance across their portfolios.

Stratis Advisory, the market leader in compliance solutions for FinTech and Digital Currency companies, offers scalable and cost-efficient compliance support to help you overcome the compliance hurdles that could negatively impact time-to-market for your portfolio companies.

Do your portfolio companies have the compliance infrastructure, operations and controls to win bank approval for a transactional account? Only Stratis Advisory offers a single point of support and accountability for helping your portfolio companies achieve transactional readiness.

Stratis Advisory can help you:

  • Provide TempCCO compliance expertise critical to recognizing business and compliance risks early to minimize development time and enhance market readiness
  • Serve as a trusted advisor with banking partners on managing banking relationship
  • Understand and navigate the changing landscape for regulatory compliance requirements
  • Develop critical organizational infrastructure for compliance
  • Advocacy with regulatory agencies domestically and internationally
  • Obtain critical executive-level BSA/AML/OFAC training as required under the Bank Secrecy Act
  • Cost-effectively achieve the level of compliance you need to maintain banking and customer relationships

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