Brian Stoeckert Delivers TED Talk on FinTech to Executive Roundtable of Global Banks and Law Enforcement

On August 19, 2015, Stratis’ Brian Stoeckert delivered a TED Talk-style presentation on financial technology (FinTech) at an executive roundtable session consisting of executives from some of the world’s leading global banks and senior federal law enforcement officials.  The session took place before the 11th Annual SAS Counterterrorism and Financial Crime program in Cary, North Carolina.

As one of three participants invited to present at the invite-only session, Stoeckert opened the session with his presentation entitled ‘EMERGE.’  He highlighted the generational shift in the use financial services, the impact of mobile technology on payments, the sharing economy and the principle of utilization, challenges that are confronting law enforcement, and how banks can mitigate their risk and proactively banking FinTech companies.  While his session was time limited, the open forum lasted more than additional 30 minutes as he fielded various questions from the roundtable.

According to one executive in attendance, the information presented during the EMERGE presentation spurred continued discussions beyond the roundtable forum.  Moreover, several days later, the session was briefly highlighted in John Byrne’s (Executive Vice-President of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialistspopular blog on Banking Exchange.

Due to significant interest, Brian Stoeckert has already been requested to participate in additional private sessions.  More to come…