Bitcoin Law Conference: A Broader View of Crypto Regs

New York Law School held a #BitcoinLaw Regulation and Transactions conference earlier today in New York City.  A panel of industry experts, including CoinComply’s Brian Stoeckert, discussed the new landscape of federal and state regulations for cryptocurrencies.  A brief highlight of the topics discussed in the session are identified below:

  • Is Bitcoin ‘money’ per se?
  • Impact of ApplePay on digital currencies
  • BitLicense reporting and record keeping requirements
  • Bitcoin and money laundering
  • FinCEN’s approach to virtual currencies
  • Operating as a MSB and banking relationships
  • Impact of Ripple on money transfer
  • Operationalizing compliance programs
  • Careers for lawyers in virtual currency and regulatory compliance

Video: A video stream of the event can also be located here.
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