Back Again: Stratis Talks FinTech to Executive Roundtable of Global Banks and Law Enforcement

For the second year in row, Brian Stoeckert was invited to provide a TED Talk to an executive roundtable from the leading global banks, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies.  After an enlightening and successful presentation last year to similar executives on the emergence of financial technology (FinTech) and its impact on banking services, Brian laid down more cards this year.  Speaking from his expertise serving the FinTech ecosystem (startups, VCs, and banks), he demonstrated how certain market factors are influencing changes in the ecosystem, how banks can better foster the development in the space and also retain the key technologies, but also where inherent risks exist in unforeseen places to the untrained eye.  Stratis would like to thank the group and the host for the repeat opportunity to share our market knowledge with the top that sets the tone.