About Stratis

Stratis Advisory was founded by seasoned executives, consultants and serial entrepreneurs who believe in the transformative power of innovation and technology. We offer clients our 40+ years of combined experience in strategy, risk and compliance. Stratis serves a global portfolio of FinTech startups, financial institutions, venture capital firms, money services businesses, government agencies and entertainment companies.

Stratis is an objective resource in the FinTech ecosystem, connecting the dots between companies, investors and banks by integrating deep regulatory risk domain expertise into the broad context of business strategy, risk management and compliance operations that are of the appropriate size for their growth stage and business scale. We provide insights and informed decision-making through market intelligence, and help tailor due diligence, onboarding, ongoing review, reporting and training to build a successful and compliant FinTech enterprise.

As a venture-savvy partner, Stratis provides the expertise, flexibility and critical industry knowledge—from new financial technology platforms to app-based payment systems—that help protect a company’s competitive advantage. Our tailored solutions for FinTech startups deliver the market insight, risk strategy, governance, and operational compliance expertise you need to reduce risks and maximize success.

Stratis principals are certified Anti-Money Laundering (CAMS) and Anti-Fraud (CFE) professionals, as well as Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs), and we are members of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). Our experts have been featured in a wide range of publications including the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, Salon, American Bankers Association Banking Journal, Payments Source, Compliance Week, CoinDesk, ACAMS Money Laundering, and Main Justice.

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